Organizational Guide and Materials

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The Pray America – Pray! effort is – you! It is not an organization but a connection point for existing prayer and renewal efforts, a cooperative initiative to increase awareness of the deep spiritual need in today’s America and pursue a new spiritual awakening in our nation that will impact our world.

Full Organizational Booklet

  • Introduction Materials

  • Action Invitations

  • Perspectives

  • Vision and Mission Resources

  • Prayer Guide Resources

  • Organizational Helps


Action Invitations (section)

  • Pray America – Pray! A July 4 Nation-wide Virtual Prayer Meeting

  • Call2Fall

  • National Prayer Rides/Routes

  • Prayer Missions – Routes Across the Nation

  • Praying the 8 Compass Point Cities

  • Come to Lebanon, Kansas


Perspectives (section)

  • America’s First Solemn Covenant - Robert Hunt’s 1607 Dedication P

  • America’s First Christian Martyrs

  • Re-Consecrating America - Using Our Spiritual Authority

  • A Note about Immigrants

  • An Appeal to Heaven – The Flag Background


Vision & Mission Resources (section)

  • America’s Prayer Meeting Movement – Creating a Movement of Hope

  • Ideas for Days of Awaken

  • On-Site Prayer

  • Prayer Missions and Treks – A Def

  • Strategic Sites to Consider for Prayer Missions in Your City

  • Prayer Mission and Ambassador Teams

  • Covering Your Community 24-7 in Prayer – A Simple Plan

  • Praying for Neighbors – the Whole City

  • The HOPE LINE – Serving through Prayer


Prayer Guide Resources

  • Simultaneous Intercession

  • Sample Public Prayer Program Outlines

  • Pray America – Pray! Sample Prayer Event

  • Alternative Prayer Program Outlines

  • A Simple City Consecration Service (Route Leaders)

  • Salty Groups – Workplace Praye


Organizational Helps

  • Collaboration Guide

  • Letter to Mobilizers

  • Letter to Pastors

  • Community Leadership Team Overview

  • County-City Leadership Team Tasks

  • State Leader and/or Team Overview

  • National Prayer Mobilizer Leader-Team Overview


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