July Prayer Film


This film is free for everyone and created to watch in groups.

Download this video and lead your family, small group, organization, or congregation. While is created to be shared in the month of July. We encourage you to designate any time to gather around and watch this inspirational film cultivated to focus on prayer points and the need for a Great Spiritual Awakening.


This film is for everyone, not just the church.

We've spent the last 7 months building an audience, broadcasting live prayer meetings, hosting other organizations, and now, creating a high quality 1-hour production to be shown in churches across the nation.

It's not about us, it's about God. Make this production yours. Bring others in and watch  on your big screen. Fill out the form below to get more info.


So What Is It?

This is a unique film is made available to co-brand –a video-driven prayer meeting. It will be a collage of music, narration, calls to prayer,and prayer moments. Pastors and prayer leaders will be encouraged to intermittently stop the video and lead a spontaneous prayer moment.

The video will begin with a celebratory tone – “My Country ‘tis of Thee; Sweetland of liberty.” Scenes will unfold of America’s beauty and the story of God’s blessing on the nation. The narrative will also capture our current crisis and our desperate need for God. It will ask if we are aware that we have offended God, that we, His people, also need to repent, that we, before the world, must first model respect for God’s holiness.

It will offer hope that around the world, fires of revival are blazing. The days of revival are not over – certainly not if we acknowledge what God is doing on the earth in non-Western nations. These are perilous times, true, but they are also times of incredible advances in reaching the harvest. The question we must confront is this,“Has God moved on? Is the center for global gospel engagement now in the global south, in Africa, South America, or Asia? What is to be of America’s destiny and purpose as a platform for global evangelism.”

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